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5 things Doctor Who would say about behavioural profiling

Today’s blog is a bit of nerdy fun. I took some inspiration from Dr Who, pretended I had a plan and wondered what his thoughts on behavioural profiling would be. Hope you enjoy it.


“It’s all wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff”

Well it might seem that way but behavioural profiling is based on proven behavioural theory. Plus it’s what you can do with the stuff that’s important. Profiling provides knowledge and information that can lead to self-awareness, which lays the foundation for understanding and improved communication.


“Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, somewhere else, the tea’s getting cold.”

Somewhere there’s change, somewhere there’s stress, somewhere there’s apathy. Everyone is on a different path and timeline. And if you’re managing a team it can feel like herding cats. If you had a roadmap that showed you how to motivate, manage and communicate with each member of your team you’d be miles ahead. Guess what? Behavioural profiling is the roadmap.


“Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!”

Changes from behavioural profiling may be a slow burn but the more it becomes part of the company culture and conversation the greater the benefits so pretend it’s a plan and continue the journey.


“There’s something that doesn’t make sense. Let’s go and poke it with a stick.”

Whilst I don’t recommend poking things with sticks – that can be dangerous – a considerate exploration of behaviour that doesn’t make sense is a great way to learn about others’ motivations, beliefs and experiences. The more we know about others the greater the opportunity for understanding and tolerance.


“Sometimes the least important things lead to the greatest discoveries.”

Sometimes the small things you discover about yourself can lead to the greatest epiphanies. The behaviour may seem insignificant but once you realise a pattern you are in the best position to choose to do something else.


And finally, as a reward for reading to the end, “Would you like a jelly baby?”

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