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At Ambrose, we're really interested in human behaviour in the workplace.
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Increasingly, businesses are looking for people with the right attitudes and behaviours to fit with their team and culture. When the dynamics of the team are right, it’s individuals are productive, engaged and gain a sense of purpose and achievement. This means less time lost on sick days, performance management and staff turnover.

We believe behavioural profiling gives you, as a business owner, the insight required to make good choices in recruitment, team building and leadership development. After all, the better your team the greater flexibility you have to spend time on what you really want.

We use behavioural profiling as the basis for our services that are structured around the four quadrants of the employment cycle.

Terri Macchion | Director

The work bit

  • I’ve held various management positions over the years, from office manager to team development manager and operations manager. What I learnt in these roles is that the people in your business are the key to winning or waning.
  • After a number of years in recruitment I realised something was missing. What clients really want to know when hiring someone new is how they will behave in the job, what they are like as a person and how they will get along with others in the team. Standard recruitment practices simply don’t go into these aspects in a credible way. That’s why I turned to behavioural profiling.
  • Now I use behavioural profiling as the foundation of my services to help business owners create high functioning teams, identify leadership potential and understand themselves better.

The education bit

  • Bachelor of Business (HRM)
  • Accredited Consultant Extended DISC

The best bit

  • Give me coffee and I’ll be eternally grateful
  • Canada feels like my second home – let it snow!
  • The Four Agreements changed my thinking, The Slight Edge directed my actions. Read them, you won’t regret it.

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