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Why behavioural profiling beats peanut butter on toast

Unless you have an unfortunate peanut allergy, peanut butter on toast is pretty darn good. Its warm, oozy goodness is especially comforting on a cold winter evening.

Human beings often look for comfort. We like being in our comfort zone, knowing what we know, being an expert and mastering our craft. However this may lead to a lack of further learning or a feeling of being stuck or even boredom.

Behavioural profiling tools give you a deep understanding of your natural behaviours, your stress indicators, things that motivate you and how you operate in a team. It identifies your comfort zone. When you know yourself better you can capitalise on your natural behaviours to find the perfect work for you and combine that with aspects to keep you motivated.

Profiling can also identify development areas, i.e. the things that will take you outside your comfort zone. This is especially useful when you find yourself bored with the status quo, looking to change careers or asking yourself, “What else is out there?”

For more information about what you can learn from Extended DISC behavioural profiling, contact us at Ambrose Strategic People Solutions. You can also see more on our Youtube channel.

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