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We use behavioural profiling as the basis for our services that are structured around the four quadrants of the employment cycle.
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Its important to get recruitment right. For too many businesses it is a rushed process to fill an immediate need. Think of recruitment as the foundation for growing your business through your people. We can tailor a recruitment package to suit your needs.


Match your job applicants to work behaviours. The better the behavioural fit, the more likely they will succeed in that role or task. Ask us to create a job specific template for you.

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Induction program

A good induction program gives a new employee a sense of understanding where they fit in, how the business operates and information about general business systems and procedures. We will develop an induction program to suit your business.


Develop your people using detailed information about behavioural preferences, stress situations and areas for development. Use our standard behavioural report or ask us to customise a report for your business.

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Develop your team and make better decisions about task allocation and responsibilities using data on individual behaviours. Improve communication, performance and determine gaps in competencies.

Climate survey

Learn about yourself and your team. Gain insight about the atmosphere within the business and discover possible challenges using Open 360 reports.

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Decide who is the best person to promote by assessing specific competencies in behaviours known for successful leadership.

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